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Which Bra Suits My Breast Shape?

Posted by NEXXT TO SKIN on 11th Jun 2019

Which Bra Suits My Breast Shape?

There’s nothing specific as a rule, but there’s a general perception that certain styles would be more appealing on certain breast shapes.Here are some different breast shapes, this will help you in selecting the most suitable Bra for your shape.


These Breasts are wider and more muscular looking, have less tissue. Wireless Bras, Push Up Bra and Front Closure Bra would look perfect on you.



This refers to uneven breasts, where one is smaller than the other. Suitable Bra type would be T-Shirt Bra work well with this breast type.


Bell shape

These Breasts look like bell shape, fuller from the bottom and thin from the top. You would look good in T-Shirt Bra, Full Cover Bra and Balconette Bra styles.


East west  

This shape refers when your nipples are pointing opposite directions. Your best bra pick would be Front Closure Bra, Push Up Bra and Balconette Bra.



Your breast would be more relaxed looking, with lax tissues and nipples pointing down. T-Shirt Bra and Push Up Bra look great on you as they could give a lift to your boobs.



Breast are full at the top and bottom. All Bra types would look great on you.



Thin breast, nipple pointing down. Push Up Bra, Wireless Bra, Front Closure Bra and Deep Plunge Bra can bring your Breast towards more to the centre.


Side Set

These Breasts do have little space Between breast, you'll look good in Front Closure, Push Up Bras and T-Shirt Bra Bras


Tear Drop

Round but slightly less full at the top. Lucky! you can go on any Bra type


Hope this helps you to know which bra would most suitable with your breast shape.

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