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Various Bra Types That Every Woman Should Know

Posted by NEXXT TO SKIN on 27th Jul 2019

Various Bra Types That Every Woman Should Know
1. Training Bra

A training bra also refer as trainer bra, starter bra, first bra or bralette is a lightweight brassiere designed for girls who have begun to develop breasts. They are intended to be worn during puberty when the girl's breasts are not yet large enough to fit a standard-sized bra ,there’s no specific age to start wearing a training bra, but generally when the girls starts to develop their breast (Some girls starts developing breasts at the age of 8 but most of the girls would start developing breasts at the age of 11 or even after 14 yrs) Wearing a Training Bra would make them feel more comfortable.

2. T-Shirt Bra

These Bras are smoothing and invisible under clothing - which means you don't have to worry about elastic digging in or nipple show-through. These are moulded & seamless cup bras, You’ll never find seams in a t-shirt bra that would defeat its very purpose, which is to provide a smooth finish under a fitted t-shirt. Perfect for everyday wear and very popular!

T-Shirt Bra

3. Plunge Bra

This would be the best option to wear under a low-cut top, as regular Bra would show the top of the bra. A plunge bra has cups that are very low in the center with a deep V-neckline, a plunge bra plunges below the level of the nipple in the center area where the cups meet. Plunge bra’s shallower cup depth and its natural lift cleavage in most natural way.

Plunge Bra

4. Wirefree Bra

As the name suggest these Bras are without a wire it could be padded or non-padded, Wireless bras have a supportive contoured cup that gives you a perfect smooth shape.

Wirefree Bra

5. Balconette Bra

Sometimes known as a shelf bra. These bras have shorter cups and wider set Straps, Lifts the breasts to enhance their appearance, shape, and expose more cleavage. This bra type will support a larger bust, but as they are cut lower across the cup, they don't offer as much support as a full cup Bra, very similar to Demi Bra.

Balconette Bra

6. Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is a must-have in your lingerie drawer. Most strapless bras have a set of removable straps so you can try it in multi ways and do have foam cups. It's very important to make sure that the band is tight enough so that you feel secure, and a good strapless bra should not slide down or ride up.

Strapless Bra

7. Bandeau Bra

Shorter than a Tube top and simpler than a strapless bra , this Bra does not have any cups, straps or hook and eye fastening it can pulled down over the head. These bras are made with soft stretchy fabric to give you less support but maximum comfort .They are Good for relaxing

8. Bralette

These Bras are usually unlined and no wires or no padding in it., Bra cups constructed with minimal stitches. Can be worn as a underwear or outerwear..less supportive but great for relaxing Link- from next to skin


9. Sports Bra

They are Must have for women during exercises.Sports Bras provide maximum support to breast and prevent bounce and hold firmly. Sturdier than a normal bra to minimise breast movements.

10. Stick On Bra

Great for backless and sheer-back outfits. Also known as adhesive Bra. The adhesive stick-on bras are designed with a gentle adhesive substance along the cups and wings, and glue seamlessly on to your curves. You can re-use them with careful washing instructions. Some Silicon Adhesive Bras comes without the wing.

Stick On Bra

11. Minimiser Bra

This Bra is for Heavy busted Women who want to reduce the appearance of a large bust under fitted dresses. These bras are engineered to visually reduce the projection by redistributing breast tissue to create the appearance of a smaller bust. They also provide the extra support and shaping.

12. Front Closure Bra

Front Closure Bras open in the front with a clasp rather than in the back with hooks. These bras are super easy to put on and take off, it would be great for women with limited shoulder movements/flexibility. Since the clasp is in front, this bra would boost the cleavage and good for low cuts.

Style Tip: Since the front close is narrow, these bras are low-cut and perfect for plunging necklines.

13. Maternity Bra

Also named as Nursing Bra or feeding Bra, Specially designed to give extra comfort and support, Engineered with Moulded cups using supportive stretchy fabric to accommodate changing breast size during pregnancy and feeding. Some feeding bras also feature removable flaps that can be unhooked to allow comfortable breast-feeding.

14. Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bras are specifically designed for women who’ve undergone a mastectomy. They are thoughtfully designed with discreet pockets inside the cup to hold silicone prosthesis in place.

Hope this helps you to know more about Bra styles and types available for you to decide which bra would go with your choice of dress and occasion. 

Today’s lingerie world you will see more fashionable extends of these styles such as Long Line Bras, Cage Bras etc. We Suggest you to have Black, Nude and White colour bras from any of the styles. So whichever dress you select you are covered with Bra department! 

Thank you !!

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